Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Always investigating my shoulder; misleading the police; clandestine drive-bys. This isn't the means by which I envisioned I would see this World Heritage Site. 

My driver eases back the auto to a stop and I go down the window and stick my camera out. Snap. At that point on we go. 


It doesn't need to be this way. I'm at Anuradhapura in the north of Sri Lanka. This city was the religious and political capital of the nation for around 1300 years from the third century BC. The remaining parts of its sanctuaries, castles and open structures are scattered crosswise over fields and among the more present-day urban condition that has shown up in its place.

Anuradhapura is a moderately mainstream traveler site, though not exactly as celebrated as some others assist south. So why, you might wonder, am I acting like a criminal while visiting it? 

All things considered, it's about money. To put it plainly, I didn't think it was worth purchasing the ticket which gives me access to the old city. Thus that implies I am being subtle and endeavoring to see most things just all things considered… which is as yet not in fact permitted, obviously.

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